Credit & Leasing Policy

After an Applicant pays a security deposit to hold a property and Agent removes it from market, the related funds are at risk of forfeiture.  If Applicant fails to sign the lease & pay the first month’s rent within 2 weeks of approval, Homes4lease shall retain all moneys received as liquidated damages for lost rentals & expenses incurred. 

Homes4lease has established the following procedures and policies for approval of its Lease Applications:

We must obtain a favorable credit report from a major Credit Bureau of our choosing. This report must be substantially free of bad debts, liens, collections, or chronic past due reports. Some leeway will be allowed on medical and certain other accounts.

Homes4lease does not lease to persons who have collections from or unpaid debts to landlords, management companies, and/or amounts related to prior tenancies. Other housing-related collections or debts to utility, telephone, or cable companies may also be grounds for declining an Application but may be approved if the related debt is paid off and proof of payment is provided to Homes4lease. Additional security deposits may also be required.

We must have at least 6 months’ verifiable rental or mortgage payment history and the reports from the previous landlord or mortgagee must be favorable. Late payments or returned checks are grounds for denial.

We must have at least 6 months’ verifiable continuous employment and the reports from the employer, or documents supporting income, must confirm that the Applicants’ income is at least three (3) times the monthly rental expense (this is called the “Income Requirement” – see below).

Other Considerations

Homes4lease acts as a single-party broker for private owners of residential property. If an Applicant leases from Homes4lease, it serves as a transaction broker with the tenant on the lease transaction. In certain circumstances, and with the prior approval of our client/owner, we will make an accommodation to applicants who meet most, but not all, credit standards. Such arrangements usually require additional security deposits of one or more months’ rent or the guarantee of co-signers, or both.

For co-signers to be acceptable, they must, without exception, meet the standards of our Credit Policy, as set out above, they must sign the lease, and they must live in Oklahoma. Regardless of the co-signers’ credit worthiness, it is the resident who must meet the Income Requirement.

NOTE: Houses are assigned to the first approved applicant who posts the security deposit with Homes4lease. Applications are not approved until credit, rental history, and the “Income Requirement” are all verified. The Income Requirement may require an OHFA inspection for Sec 8 Applicants.


It is the policy of this Company to obey the spirit and the letter of all non-discrimination laws including the Federal Fair Housing Law (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968) and the local Fair Housing Ordinance.  Any employee of this company who discriminates against any applicant for housing on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin will, upon investigation, be dismissed.