Property Mgmt Services


Many owners of rental property find that the demands on their time and effort grow excessive over time. Property management requires knowledge of marketing, credit review, leasing policy, Fair Housing Laws, the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, collections and evictions, maintenance services, cost control, accounting, and financial reporting. All of this, and late night telephone calls from the tenant, send many fed-up owners to management companies. Homes4lease offers expertise in dealing with all of these demands at a very competitive price. 

Many owners select professional management companies when their work, or other personal matters, require them to move to another city (or country) temporarily. Since they expect to return to Oklahoma in the future, they decide to offer their homes for rent, rather than enduring the stress of selling and the uncertainties of buying another when they return. In addition, they simply cannot handle all the details of marketing, leasing, and managing a rental property from their remote locations. 

Another identifiable group is the investor in single-family property, who decides that he/she would rather deal with the financial aspects only, and leave the operating end of the business to a management company.  The owners handle the aspect in which they are most expert, and leave the day-to-day matters to the management company.

10 Reasons to have Homes4lease manage your property:

HOMES4LEASE PROVIDES A FREE MARKET ANALYSIS to determine the highest rental value of your property.  We start with an onsite inspection, noting any amenities that can be emphasized in marketing, and, if appropriate, pointing out matters that can have an adverse effect on value.

HOMES4LEASE ADVERTISES each Sunday in The Oklahoman, along with postings on various websites until it is leased…..and we pay all advertising costs! 

HOMES4LEASE QUALIFIES EACH PROSPECTIVE TENANT, with a thorough investigation of their credit, rental, and employment history at no cost to the homeowner.

HOMES4LEASE ENSURES YOU ONLY PAY ONCE EVEN IF THE TENANT DEFAULTS.  If for any reason, the tenant leaves without fulfilling the terms of his lease, we will find a new tenant and give credit on the lease commission for the unfulfilled portion of the old lease.

HOMES4LEASE TELEPHONES ARE STAFFED 24/7.  Our maintenance supervisor is contacted immediately for emergencies, and clients are promptly informed.

HOMES4LEASE STAYS IN TOUCH.  Company policy is to keep the Client informed of all matters concerning the property.  Maintenance needs are discussed before any money is spent.  The Client’s preferences are determined before leases are signed.  We will let you know if the tenant is not performing as agreed and, after reviewing the options with the Client, proceed as directed.

HOMES4LEASE PROVIDES DETAILED ACCOUNTING.  Company policy is to remit rental proceeds to our Clients by the 10th day of the month.  We send out a complete accounting of all income and expenses each month.  Delinquent tenants are courteously reminded, then served strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, and their lease.

HOMES4LEASE CAN FINANCE RENOVATIONS.   If a property needs major repairs prior to marketing, often times we can arrange a payment plan, saving the problems of going to the bank.

HOMES4LEASE COMPREHENSIVE LEASE PROTECTS THE CLIENT.  This time-tested document and our experience in enforcing its terms offer state-of-the-law protection from lost rents and property damage.  If there is a dispute with the tenant, HOMES4LEASE WILL GO TO COURT ON BEHALF OF OUR CLIENT FOR EVICTIONS.

HOMES4LEASE GUARANTEES YOUR SATISFACTION.  If at any time you are dissatisfied with our service, you may cancel your agreement with 30 days written notice, no questions asked.