Property Management

Who We Serve

Many owners select professional management companies when their work, or other personal matters, require them to move to another city (or country) temporarily. Since they expect to return to Oklahoma in the future, they decide to offer their homes for rent, rather than enduring the stress of selling and the uncertainties of buying another when they return. In addition, they simply cannot handle all the details of marketing, leasing, and managing a rental property from their remote locations. 

Another identifiable group is the investor in single-family property, who decides that he/she would rather deal with the financial aspects only, and leave the operating end of the business to a management company.  The owners handle the aspect in which they are most expert and leave the day-to-day matters to the management company.

Where We Serve

The properties we manage range from 1-bedroom condominiums to 4-bedroom luxury homes in all areas of Oklahoma City and surrounding suburbs. Prices range from $500 to $3,500 per month, with an average of $1000/mo.